Sunday, January 20, 2013

Product Rave: Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask

I've always had really dry hair, which I like to blame on my very curly hair. It also probably doesn't help that I use a lot of heat on my hair- mainly my hair dryer and straightener. Because of this, I am always looking for products that are going to really moisturize my hair and leave it looking silky and shiny and feeling smooth and soft. I currently use the Joico shampoo for dry hair and love the way it cleans my hair, but I was still on the search for a deep moisturizer for my hair. Well, my search has officially ended now that I have found the Macadamia deep repair mask.


This product is absolutely amazing, I can not recommend it enough. It leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and silky and the smell is awesome. My boyfriend even commented on how much softer my hair felt and I never even thought he noticed things like that! Because it is an intensive treatment, this product should not be used more than twice a week.

How I use the product:
After I have shampooed my hair, I separate my wet hair into two sections. I apply about a quarter size amount to each section. I then take my wide toothed comb and, starting from the bottom, I gently comb through my hair. I them let the product sit in my hair for seven minutes. I always use this time to shave my legs. After seven minutes is up, I wash all of the product out of my hair, and even at this point, I can tell a huge difference in the way my hair feels.

Where you can get this product:  
You can pick up this product at Ulta stores and it retails for $33.00. Seems a bit on the more expensive side, but I can promise it is well worth it, plus the jar will last you for a long time.
Here is the link to the product on the Ulta website. Make sure to check out all of the awesome reviews!                            

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